How to become a member

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is both an open community and a legal non-profit association. If your organisation has activities and interests in user-driven open innovation, it may consider joining the community of benchmarked Living Labs as well as its association of fee-paying members. See all the different services according to the membership status here.

The European Network of Living Labs has grown through annual ‘Waves’ of calls for membership since November 2006. Every year, candidate Living Labs are invited to submit an application to join the ENoLL network, and following an evaluation process a final selection of benchmarked Living Labs are granted the ENoLL label & welcomed to the network.

Up to today, the 11 waves have resulted in more than 400 historically recognised Living Labs. You can discover more information about adherent membership application in the 12th wave membership brochure.  

The ENoLL international non-profit association is the legal entity created by the European Network of Living Labs in January 2010. It consists of Adherent Members, Effective Members, and Innovation Partners (previously labelled as Associated Members). All ENoLL-labelled Living Labs are automatically included as Adherent Members of the association, with observer rights in the General Assembly, and access to the general ENoLL information and events.

Three different kinds of Membership


Adherent members

Adherent members are organisations that represent a Living Lab, which was duly selected according to the ENoLL selection process (also called a ‘Wave’). During this selection process, adherent member applicants provide ENoLL with a motivated application as a Living Lab. If the organisation meets the criteria set by the ENoLL association, adherent membership is granted to the applying organisation.

These members are included in the ENoLL communication channels, and have the right to be present and participate in the ENoLL activities. These activities – only open to ENoLL members are:

  • General Assembly twice a year
  • Working Groups
  • Thematic Groups

Adherent members do not pay any membership fees (only an annual administrative fee), and therefore have no voting rights in the General Assembly.

Waves are initiated ad hoc on a more or less yearly basis. 11th wave for Adherent membership will be open untl 7 April 2017. Read more about it here 

Innovation Partners

Innovation Partners are organisations which are involved in the object and activities of the association, but who are not selected according to the ENoLL selections process. These members pay the annual membership fee.  

Through payment of the annual membership fee they get access to the ENoLL member activities, but no voting rights in the General Assembly. They also get full rights to act and represent ENoLL aisbl.

They can submit candidatures for the ENoLL elected bodies (and have voting rights if elected):

  • Council: Chair, Vice-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretariat
  • Chairs for Working Groups
  • Chairs Thematic Groups

Effective members

Adherent members can choose to become Effective members, and have a vote in the organisation and strategic directions of the ENoLL association. Only approved Living Labs can become effective members. They do so by paying the annual fee, and gain the following rights:

  • Full rights to act, represent and vote at ENoLL aisbl
  • They can submit candidatures for the ENoLL elected bodies:
  • Council: Chair, Vice-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretariat
  • Chairs for Working Groups
  • Chairs Thematic Groups

The General Assembly has all powers allowing the realization of the objects as well as of the activities of the association. All members: Effective, Innovation Partners and Adherent are invited to attend the Assembly.

Membership Application

By default, all ENoLL Living Labs are Adherent members, but if an ENoLL Living Lab wishes to upgrade to become an Effective Member, or an organisation wishes to support and participate in ENoLL activities, they contcat ENoLL office ( to ask for the Effective membership application form.

The template includes among others:

  • A copy of the registration as a legal entity
  • The bylaws of the organisation
  • A signed proxy for joining ENoLL aisbl
  • The details for the contact person
  • A list of official representatives who will be mandated to speak on behalf of ENoLL

The ENoLL Council will present these applications to the Evaluator Board and the ENoLL General Assembly, who can then approve them through fast track process. Once the Application approved, the applying organisation pays the annual fee and thus becomes an associated or effective member.

ENoLL Yearly Membership Fee

The yearly fee for Innovation Partners and Effective Members is € 5.000 and should be paid at the beginning of each year.

The administrative fee for Adherent Members is € 500

Membership Summarized 
 Effective membersInnovation PartnersAdherent Members
Selected as ENoLL benchmarked Living Labx x
Payment of membership feexx 
Invited to ENoLL General Assembly xxx
Voting rights at ENoLL General Assembly x  
Can be elected in ENoLL Councilxx
(*with restricted
number of
Can be elected to attend the Council as non-voting observers  x
(*with restricted
number of
Invited to general ENoLL eventsxxx
Working groups membershipxxx
Working groups chairmanshipxx 
Access to members section on openlivinglabs.euxxx
(*access granted upon
request until new ENoLL
website is up and running
- spring 2017)
Can have ENoLL association as dissemination partner in projects
(under conditions, after approval)