ExPiN Living Lab


Jesús David Cardona Quiroz


PBX (57 -2) 318 8000, ext. 11328 - 11360

FAX (57 -2) 5553911


The most important ability of EXPIN Living Lab, is in its potential to generate high impact in different social niches, in relation to the reduction of the digital divide and the benefit of the quality of life of citizens as a result, every time it is based from an academic context strongly established in the Valle del Cauca region, favoring links with the productive sector in particular with companies and regional clusters of technology-based, fostering the generation and opening spaces of collaboration, where people can be linked to dynamics that involve processes of training and training to all levels and need for the productive sector, highlighting the possibility that these training processes provide, in the light of the generation of exploration and experimentation initiatives, strongly linked to the need for specific sectors, privileging those interests pursuing the development and innovation of experiences, fulfilling a strategic function, the interdisciplinary participation of its participants for the realization of the projects.

The generation of different workshops and courses directed toward the region's community, pursuing its goal of permeate in different socio-cultural strata, the ability to develop solutions tailored to the needs of a specific real context, using a model centered on the appropriation and use of a specific technology for people. This occurs as a result of a permanent feedback between a bet of effective delivery of value by EXPINLL, to the needs of the region and its citizens from features such as:

An interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers with different specialties, communicators, designers and artists, with a strong base in academic and professional experience, participating in generating companies, digital content and technology-based initiatives, who bring their visions through participation in various projects of EXPINLL, promoting the generation of initiatives that are characterized by a strong social sense where the mediation of technology meets a definitive strategic role, for the needs of the context that is involved.

The possibility of a maturity model for its processes, under a framework for conceptualization and Government of EXPIN Living Lab, formulated in the light of the experiences developed by his team, which is supported from a platform that allows the articulation and integration between processes both level of support as strategic, the emerging technologies available, the base of intellectual capital sustained from the interdisciplinary knowledge of his team, all based on a delivery of value to the region in factors such as the social, the State, the academic and the productive.

•It is located in a privileged zone of the Pacific Colombian, characterized by ethnic and cultural diversity, which EXPIN has identified in its strategic commitment, as a source of wealth, important for the region, which has led to the conceptualization of a line of interest around the media arts, which aims not only to advance actions for its preservation, but also to open new scenarios and possibilities that allow its articulation with other fundamental factors seeking to promote the development of the region through the reduction of the digital divide.